Dance Classes 

Classes are held every Tuesday evening - You can contact Joyce at

$5 a class (no contract required, pay as you come) Special Family Rates- $10 for more than 3 people in a family- family is your immediate family, children under the age of 18.

Starting August 3rd Beginners Class starting at 5:00pm - Sessions can start at any times that are agreeable with the instructor. Wear shoes that have a slippery sole. You do not have to have clog shoes to take classes. YOUR First three classes are FREE! All ages are welcome! 

Intermediate Class: 6:00pm

About Beginners Classes

If you have never done clog dancing it is important to come at the beginning of a session. You will learn the basic individual clog steps. You will then be taught dances to songs at a very slow speed. Then as the class masters the dances the music will be sped up until it is mastered at full speed. We all learn at a different pace so during a class you can choose to dance at just the slow speed or try the higher speeds. We encourage you to just try a speed higher than what you have mastered. At the higher speed you may only get a few steps at first and fumble your way through the rest. It's OK. Even the advanced class fumbles their way through new songs. Eventually it will come to you. Don't be embarrassed we are all in your shoes at some point. We even mess up sometimes when we perform in public. All the public notices is that you are having fun. That's what our group is about.....having Fun!

Intermediate Classes

Intermediate Classes are for those who have completed a beginners class (although, if you are currently in a beginners class and would like to stay and just stand in the back and give it a try your more than welcome to or just stay to observe). Dances that the advanced class have already learned are taught at this time. Anyone who clogs is welcome to join in.

Advanced Class

This class is for cloggers interested in learning new dances and having fun doing the good ole' stand bys. This class also helps to prepare anyone who would like to dance in public. Practice sessions for outside performances are done the week before the performance during this class.

We are Located At

Tunnel Hill Community Center, 112 East Maple Street, Stone Creek, Ohio 43840